Our Stories

Here you will find info about the Orphans, how we were before the war, and who we are after, these are our stories.


A Damn Dirty Ape

Before the clan wars, Ape was just any other kid, and then the Battlemechs came, and destroyed his small African village, and his parents were killed, and he was orphaned. As an orphaned child he wandered into the jungle and was discovered and taken in by a family of Gorillas. They raised him as if he was a real ape child, but he’s human.

There he learned the ways of the jungle. How to hide, camouflage himself, and attack by surprise and also how to survive off the land. Eventually he would become leader of the Gorilla tribes, like Tarzan, head of the Apes, but that wasn’t enough to heal the wounds of war.

He knew at some point he would have to leave the tribe and the jungle, build his own Battlemechs and join the war. He fights today to avenge the death of his people and his parents, and to bring about awareness of endangered Gorillas, as well as the dangers to the planet that they call home… Earth.


T T Boy

When TT Boy was growing up in Los Angelos, the city was suddenly attacked by the Battlemech clans, and was thrust along with the rest of the Earth into the battle. TT tried to save his folks, but they were killed, and he found refuge in an old neighborhood brothel that was once part of the borrow of Inglewood.

It was there, the TT learned how to please the ladies. Between pleasing the many 100’s of women which he is highly paid to do,  his other conquests include taking down Light Battlemechs with heat seeking rockets and generally demoralizing the enemy with both his wit and bravado, which he excels at.

Don’t turn your back on this “Player”, or you will get played!